Wynwood is the art center of Miami boasting over 70 galleries spread across seven or so blocks both on the main drag and side streets.  Wynwood is roughly bounded by North 36th Street (north), North 20th Street (south), I-95 (west) and Northeast First Avenue (east). 36th Street is one of the main streets in Wynwood where the “hottest” galleries are located and draws crowds of people. The best time to visit is the second Saturday night of every month, which is “ArtWalk” in Wynwood, and the art galleries and studios keep their doors open late to the public. However, most galleries are open throughout the week with public viewing.

But Art Walk is not just marked by open galleries but by a large fleet of food vans, demos and music. The food vans offer a cornucopia of offerings from natural ingredient offerings to Cuban, seafood, burgers, chicken, Jamaican and on and on.  One of the most popular trucks (unfortunately with long lines) offers gourmet toasted cheese sandwiches. A large park area is converted into demo and booth space showcasing eye catching art in unique creation techniques. Seeing the galleries easily takes an afternoon into early evening while the festivities can take the entire night. But don’t stick to the main drag, further down the streets on the left and right are smaller events and interesting shops that offer a respite from the craziness of the main drag. All in all, Wynwood is definitely worth a trip and a day.

General information for visiting Wynwood:http://wynwoodmiami.com/home.php