Viseon Inc. Diversifies Surgical Application of its 4K Visualization Technology

Viseon Inc. has unveiled plans to branch out from its initial focus on minimally invasive spine surgery to explore other surgical segments. The goal is to provide clinical and economic advantages with the company’s proprietary technology, especially in facilitating the transition of surgical procedures to outpatient surgery centers.

The company’s technology showcases a unique, single-use disposable 4K visualization system. This presents a viable alternative to conventional, large-scale surgical microscopes, endoscopes, and exoscopes which are capital-intensive.

Jeffrey Valko, Viseon’s Chief Executive Officer, expressed his enthusiasm for the move. “Having established our footing in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, we’re widening the scope of our 4K Advanced Digital Visualization (4K-ADV) Technology. It’s not just about growth – our 30% sales increase in 2023 compared to 2022 speaks to that – it’s about the tangible clinical and economic benefits our technology offers across diverse surgical contexts,” he stated.

Consistent surgeon feedback indicates multiple procedure types have justified the adoption of Viseon’s technology. This extends from patient safety to operating room efficiency, educational safety, and the ergonomic benefits Viseon MaxView® brings to in-hospital and Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) settings.

A significant shift in intraoperative visualization is evident, with various alternatives like neuro-navigation and Augmented Reality emerging, often relying on CT or MRI imaging. Contrarily, Viseon’s digital platform grants real-time magnified views of crucial surgical anatomy. Displayed on an operating room’s flat panel monitor, this visualization is accessible to all – from the core OR team to trainees and visiting surgeons. Additionally, the technology supports 4K digital recording of procedures, vital for future reference, training, education, patient engagement, and the development of a comprehensive digital content library. This stored data holds potential for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applications in the future.