Neurologica Debuts DORO QR XTom Skull Clamp

NeuroLogica, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics and leader in mobile computed tomography (CT), introduces the advanced DORO® QR3 XTom Intraoperative Skull Clamp supporting precise patient positioning for its OmniTom mobile head and neck scanner during surgical intervention. The new device is designed to support the full benefits of the 16-slice scanner’s high image quality and 40 cm bore circumference delivering a large field-of-view.
Combining exceptional stability with ultra-precise clamp adjustment, the DORO features radiolucent extension arms and additional features for precise patient placement fine-tuning. It streamlines patient setup and helps boost clinical confidence by optimizing head and neck visualization for image-guided surgery, deep brain stimulation (DBS) and other specialized interventions in a sterile operating room (OR) environment. The clamp attaches to an imaging or surgical table through an easy-to-use parkbench mount and the table’s siderail.

The DORO’s ultra-wide quick rail accommodates brain tissue retractor systems to help optimize interventions. The unit has two interfaces for image-guided brain navigation systems and also incorporates a range of other innovations to streamline use during complex surgeries. It dismantles easily to simplify disinfection.

Introduced in 2018, the NeuroLogica OmniTom CT brings state-of-the-art 16-slice CT imaging to the patient bedside, OR and other mobile clinical settings, raising the bar for mobile CT imaging. The new DORO clamp helps maximize the scanner’s performance for some of today’s most challenging interventions. Optimized for brain imaging, the OmniTom delivers high-quality CT, CT angiography and CT perfusion scans for applications from tumor and stroke assessment and treatment of DBS for diseases from dystonia and epilepsy to Parkinson’s. The 16-slice image presentation helps to support a high degree of surgical accuracy.

The OmniTom features an advanced intuitive software tablet interface that communicates wirelessly with the scanner. With an ultra-fast 16 images/second reconstruction speed, the OmniTom displays images directly on the tablet workstation immediately after acquisition, while patient data remains securely on the device.

The OmniTom’s small footprint, including omni-directional wheels and long-life lithium battery, add to the ease-of-use and minimize complexity in crowded OR and adult and pediatric intensive care unit (ICU) environments.

“The OmniTom brings state-of-the-art head and neck imaging to any setting to collect patient data in real time,” says David Webster, Chief Operating Officer for NeuroLogica. “For critically ill patients in the ICU, that enhances safety and staff efficiency by eliminating up to 45 minutes of patient transport time to the radiology department.”

“In the OR, with the new DORO Intraoperative Head Clamp, the high resolution 16-slice scanner can be used for a wide range of today’s most sophisticated brain interventions,” he adds. “By supporting precise patient positioning, the clamp enables physicians to take full advantage of the unit’s 40 cm bore with a large field of view. The clamp also provides support for today’s important surgical and imaging tools.”
The DORO head clamp was developed and customized to maximize performance on the NeuroLogica OmniTom scanner by Pro Med Instruments GmbH.
Webster notes that the DORO head clamp for the OmniTom scanner exemplifies NeuroLogica’s ongoing commitment to delivering a broad portfolio of scanner add-ons to help meet a full range of imaging and patient needs.
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