POSH Art Gallery Celebrates Two Years of Showcasing Emerging National and International Artists

POSH Art Gallery celebrated its two-year anniversary this June 2023. The contemporary art gallery has come a long way since its opening in 2021, now representing over 55 emerging national and international artists. Kimberly Perry, artist, owner, and curator has worked tirelessly to create a space that reflects the up-beat, high energy, colorful and beautiful vibe of the art world.  Trained under her father, DeVon Cunningham, whose work is displayed at the Smithsonian Institute, Perry has an expertly trained eye for recognizing artistic talent.

POSH Art Gallery opened during the pandemic on a mission to provide a safe space for artists to display their work. While galleries were closing in droves due to the economic shutdown, POSH Art Gallery provided a platform for artists to connect directly with art enthusiasts. POSH Art Gallery’s two-year anniversary is a testament to the gallery’s commitment to the South Florida art community.

The gallery features a variety of art mediums including landscapes, abstracts, multi-media, photography, glass mosaics, blown glass bowls and sculptures, portraits, mixed media sculptures, home decor and unique one of a kind, handmade gift items. The 4,000 square foot gallery resembles a contemporary museum filled with fun, colorful, whimsical, elegant, and modern pieces of art. “We are thrilled to celebrate our two-year anniversary and to have achieved such a significant milestone in the art world. We’ve come a long way since we opened the doors and are proud to represent over 55 emerging artists. Our gallery has become a place for artists to meet and showcase their work, and we are happy to have created a community that supports them during these challenging times,” says Kimberly Perry, Owner, and Curator of POSH Art Gallery.

The gallery has grown to become a destination for art lovers from all over the world. The elaborate combination of various forms of contemporary art on display truly reflects the diverse artistic expression that exists in the world today. POSH Art Gallery is a reminder that art is more than just a pretty picture, it is an expression of human emotion and experience.

The gallery is not only known for its beautiful art, but also its commitment to the community as they host many charity and private events throughout the year.  POSH has worked with several charities from animal rescues and health organizations to various women’s associations.

POSH Art Gallery is devoted to providing a space for artists to connect with the public to promote their work. Located in the prestigious Delray Marketplace, the gallery has proven they are a staple in the South Florida art community and a must-visit destination for anyone interested in contemporary art.

POSH Art Gallery is located at 9089 W. Atlantic Avenue in Suite #104, Delray Beach, FL and open seven days a week.  Monday through Thursday from 11AM to 7PM, Friday & Saturday 11AM to 8PM and Sunday’s 12PM to 6PM.