MDW—Medical Diagnostic Web—Unveils First Radiology Blockchain Platform at RSNA 2019

MDW—Medical Diagnostic Web (—debuts at RSNA 2019 the first radiology blockchain platform designed to connect all players in the diagnostic digital imaging ecosystem and create an open, transparent and fair marketplace. MDW aims to build new business opportunities for radiologists and streamline access to imaging providers for all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

Harnessing the power of the end-to-end radiology community, the MDW platform helps solve many of today’s significant problems in imaging: service access, delivery, results communication, speed of payment for services and integration across the continuum of care. It also offers radiologists and other stakeholders opportunities to profit from an innovative application utilizing blockchain technology.
With its open, decentralized communications infrastructure, encrypted data transmission and immutable audit trails, MDW’s blockchain marketplace enables individual radiologists and radiology groups to forge new business relationships and benefit from immediate compensation for services rendered. Radiology service organizations can easily take advantage of as-needed resources to transact with new clients, boost reading volume and decrease exam turn-around-time.

At the same time, major issues like global data sharing, IT interoperability, scan duplication, access to current and prior exams and continuity of the patient record all become irrelevant with an open blockchain foundation enabling linking disparate sources of medical data as required. As a result, the platform will be able to offer tangible benefits for patients, referring physicians, specialists who frequently use images, payers, malpractice insurers and more.

Those wishing to contract for imaging reading services through the platform purchase blocks of exam interpretation credits at highly competitive rates. They can then order a reading transaction with any willing provider of their choice on the system. Once imaging specialists submit their report, payment credits are immediately applied to their account through a secure blockchain transaction, eliminating today’s significant delay in payments for reading services. Imaging specialists can withdraw credits as cash immediately following the deposit.