Great Peruvian Food

Lower Atlantic Street (between Main Street and I-95) in Stamford during the past few years has become a cornucopia of small ethnic oriented restaurants. The fare ranges from the typical- Mexican, Chinese and Pizza- to the somewhat more exotic-vegetarian Indian and all you can eat sushi.

One restaurant that stands out is La Fiesta. This location is one of three in Stamford, all offering the same menu. Underneath a green awning emblazoned with the restaurant’s name is a bustling, often crowded dining room offering quite a variety of Peruvian food.

Each meal starts with a large basket of hot, fresh baked bread and a tangy yellow dipping sauce. The dinner portions are large and usually discourage one from ordering the appetizer. But if you are very hungry after the bread, try the ceviche or the calamares fritos. For the more daring, try the anticuchos (beef heart kebab).

Choosing an entrée is quite challenging. One first sees Sopas. Do not be fooled, this is not just a cup of soup but in most cases a meal in itself. Parahuella which is a wonderful broth with a large variety of sea food, including half of a crab, is billed as the Peruvian answer to Bouillabaisse. A personal favorite is Aguadito de Mariscos-a many ingredient seafood dish served in a delicious cilantro flavored broth.

The Sopas are followed on the menu by a large variety of meat, seafood and poultry dishes. Family favorites include the Saltados-dishes of steak, chicken or other meat or seafood served over a bed of French fries with a rice side. Steak is served in a variety of ways from a Pepper Steak to a grilled skirt steak. There are a number of additional seafood dishes including shrimp in a variety of serving styles to fried whole fish of the day or steamed fish of the day and a special entrée Ceviche. Not to be left out are a few pasta based dishes, Tallarines (beef, chicken or seafood) which has a special Peruvian spicing. Many dishes come with a side of French Fries or rice and salad.

The menu tells you to ask your server about deserts. I can honestly say we have never had enough room after our main course to even contemplate asking.

Beverages are standard, but try the bubble gum flavored Inca Cola (regular or diet).

La Fiesta is a great place for a filling dinner and does not require an entire evening’s investment of time to enjoy.

Address: 83 Atlantic Street, Stamford, CT 06901
Phone:  (203) 323-4300 F (203) 325-4955
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