Kumo Sushi Bar & Grill

The terms Chinese Buffet and Hibachi Restaurant usually conjure up two very different mental pictures. The former being a low cost, all you can eat buffet featuring just above cafeteria grade food in a cafeteria like setting. The latter a high cost experience where you pay for a show to be performed while your tasty Japanese grilled food is being prepared. The thought of the two being combined is a little jarring.

But such a combination has occurred at the Kumo Restaurant in Stamford. Although it is an all you can eat experience, the food is quite good and can hold its own with the many excellent a la carte Chinese and Japanese restaurants in the area. The setting is in a sedate eye pleasing setting with wooden tables and chairs amply spaced to enhance the dining experience. The only thing missing is the flaming onion tower at the hibachi.

Kumo has a large selection of dishes offered at a daily luncheon buffet and larger, more expensive buffet for dinner (although it seems that it is really just the addition of king crab legs that distinguishes the two). In one area there is an open display of sushi and hand rolls being made. Over six varieties of seafood sushi ranging from shrimp and tuna to squid is available next to the numerous hand roll offerings including classic California rolls and spicy tuna rolls. On the other side of this display is a collection of fresh fruits, salads and peel you own shrimp (and crab legs at dinner).

In a separate area a number of hot dishes are offered including teriyaki chicken, fish, coconut shrimp and meat skewers. Next door to this are a number of hot hibachi items ready to be eaten for those not wishing to wait for the hibachi grill.

The hibachi grill offers a variety of vegetable ingredients including bean sprouts, asparagus, mushrooms and many others. Meat items include shrimp, beef, chicken and squid. These may be mixed with egg and noodles in whatever combination the diner wishes. The heaping plates are turned over to a skilled team of grillers for cooking. Your dish is identified by numbered clothes pins from your table so that you can enjoy other dishes while you wait (Sunday afternoons are very popular and the hibachi wait time can be 10 to 15 minutes).

The only weakness is the desserts. Although the green tea ice cream helps make up for this.
Beer, wine and mixed drinks are available. Soft drinks come with free refills.
In all it is a great place for good food for those with an appetite and seems especially popular on Sundays for family and birth day get-togethers.

Parking is available in a next door garage at no charge. The restaurant link above will lead you to hours and prices.

Address: 850-860 East Main Street, Stamford, CT 06902
Phone:  (203) 674-8560
Website: http://kumostamford.com