HIMSS 19: Blockchain for Healthcare

HIMSS Technology Focus: Healthcare Looks to Blockchain for Answers Well-Founded? By Jean Phillips, editor What do digital currency, precise, automated tracking of shipments across the [...]

Neonatal Heart Care

Cardioversion Across the Miles When Life is Measured in Hours . . . Every Second Counts How long do you shock a newborn’s heart? Just [...]

Regular Mammograms

Regular Mammograms Mean Earlier Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Less Aggressive, Less Costly Treatment At the recent American Society of Breast Surgeons annual meeting, a study [...]

Wynwood Miami

Wynwood is the art center of Miami boasting over 70 galleries spread across seven or so blocks both on the main drag and side streets. [...]

Fishing In Miami Beach

Fishing in South Florida is a common activity and an economic staple of tourism and commercial fishing. Yet for the vacationing fisherman, the options on [...]


Located towards the eastern end of Lincoln Road mall, Nespresso is a very simply idea- offering premium coffee in a café setting while highlighting [...]

Alive at 5, Stamford

If you happen to find yourself in Stamford, CT in the spring, remember along with the warm weather comes a slew of activities hosted by [...]

Tap Tap

Located on 5th Street, Tap Tap may seem out of the way for most people as it is far from most hotels and most [...]

33 & Dine

Located on 33rd street in Ft. Lauderdale, 33 & Dine blends in with the subdued nature of the sleepy street filled with boutiques, jazz [...]

Books and Books Cafe

Books and Books Cafe Located in the busy pedestrian mall that is Lincoln Road, Books and Books seeks to offer classic American dishes at [...]

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