Fishing in South Florida is a common activity and an economic staple of tourism and commercial fishing. Yet for the vacationing fisherman, the options on South Beach are limited mainly to expensive private charter boats. Even the gear is hard to come by as there is no nearby rental shop.

However, father up the island past North Miami Beach, Kelly Deep Sea Fishing offers an affordable rate of $45 dollars for about 2 and a half hours of fishing with about 20-35 minutes needed to get to and from the fishing spot. They offer an early morning, mid afternoon and evening cruises for the same price (at least during the week). Kelly has a special on Sunday for a day of fishing for around $100 dollars, All boats offer fishing rods and plenty of bait as part of the package, saving a decent amount in rental fees and buying bait for pier fishing. The boats themselves are pretty big with enough room to accommodate large groups of people but on a week day it is pretty empty which means less competition for fish-at least on the afternoon cruises.

All fishing is done a mile or so offshore near confirmed biting areas reported by other ships. Most of the fish caught tend to be smaller so the use of a standard rod with squid or small fish is fine. It is common to see people getting bites within the first 10 minutes or so (at least on the afternoon cruise) with a variety of potential fish (most of them worth cooking) to be taken, even sharks have been caught (they are released). If one catches a fish worth keeping they are placed in a bucket until a return to shore where the staff will fillet the fish for no additional charge (but tips are highly encouraged). The boat tends to move to different fishing spots every half hour or so as to afford varied opportunities.

The staff is very friendly and helpful tending to tangled lines and assisting with bait and sinkers line. They also assist in landing larger and provide background of the caught fish. . In terms of getting any fish, it is always up to luck but the staff tries their best to make it easier to catch one by offering tips and suggestions. Also, they tend to work for tips so one should plan that as part of the cost of the trip.

In short, Kelly Deep See fishing in the end is a very affordable, fun way to get some deep sea fishing in another wise expensive area.

10800 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33154
Phone: 305.945.3801