Delray Never Disappoints

by Dianne Feen

There is a reason that everyone loves the simplicity and grand gestures of Delray. Sure, the beach is one of the biggest draws, but it is the small events and community gatherings that really make Delray a small town with a big heart.

One event that continues to prove that you don’t need front row seats or a reservation to have a good time is Art & Jazz on the Avenue. This event, that moves around like a gypsy on wheels, was held in the “Set” just West of Swinton in August. The good news is that it didn’t rain on the appointed day and a soft wind augmented a dazzling sunset. The even better news is that the entire evening felt like one big family picnic.

There was live music that had guests dancing in the streets, chefs cooked up fun fare, and good vibes permeated the entire area. There were free Italian ices and lots of wonderful craft items to purchase. Children had their faces painted – which made them all look angelic – and there was a calm sweetness in the air.

The DDA, in partnership with the Downtown Merchant and Business Association, created this wonderful event. There were two stages with live music, a kid’s zone, artists booths, large mural paintings and games.

The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum also pulled out the red carpet for all who entered to celebrate their newest exhibit of artifacts from Africa. This non-profit museum’s mission is to preserve and share Black history. Charlene Farrington, Executive Director, has widened the audience and influence  of this wonderful cultural experience.

It seems the sun always shines brighter in front of the Spady. It could be their ancestral heritage or just the trees that reflect the light over a piece of Delray that has not lost its history or heritage. There was a huge table with homemade food in their 1930’s cottage, and a talk with guests from all speres in the home that Solomon D. Spady built in the 1920s.

For those with a penchant for the Age of Aquarius, Coco Market celebrated their last Veterans Park soiree. But, not to worry they will be convening on October 1st at Old School Square. For those lucky enough to get up early, and find a parking space, wonderment awaited. Corey Heyman, founder of Coco Market, taught a wonderful Yoga class on the grass near the gazebo. There was also sound healing and an elevating Goddess circle for women and a drumming circle for the fellas. They eventually joined together to make beautiful music as one.

The Coco Market is a wonderful place to hone up your chakras, make friends and eat wonderful vegan cuisine. There are free classes, healing sites and people who see the bright side of life from all corners.

Little Wyld, the most adorable children’s boutique in town, had their 2nd Anniversary Party last week. The owners, designer Amanda Perna and Skye Dyer, were there toasting with a little bit of bubbly.

Amanda’s mom, who works at the shop also showed up to help children cast their spell on paper. Little Wyld also has clothing for adults with a flair for the colorful and whimsical side of life. We salute these brave women who have decorated the inside of this Pineapple Grove shop despite its slower pace than its cousin, Atlantic Avenue.

Old School Square has reopened with new programs and concerts. The Chamber of Commerce continued its celebration of life and community minded gal pals at their summer soiree at Sklars last month. There was live music,  whimsical items for purchase, and everyone looked splendid in White. Wonderful items were sold for charity and colors were brought to life by our collective hearts.

Delray is a magical place with magical people. Many of them came out last month to show us that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always a spark of goodness to be had for a pittance.