Canapés & Cocktails: Chef and Mixology Competition

by Pamela Phillips

Featuring talented chefs who practice their craft on the high seas, Canapés & Cocktails, sponsored by yacht crew publication Triton News and held in February at the spacious and well-equipped FUSE appliance showroom in Miami, was infinitely more exciting than the best televised culinary competition.  That’s  because guests got to sample the outcomes.  Coinciding with the Miami Boat Show, the event brought together eight talented chefs who were provided baskets of surprise ingredients and asked to put together creative dishes and drinks.

Responsible for both quality and quantity, chefs created enough canapés and cocktails to distribute liberally to the crowd in an ultra-short time period.  More than 100 guests enjoyed an open bar and delicious appetizer spread as they watched in anticipation as chefs demonstrated their culinary prowess.   Judges ranked the appetizers and libations, which were all so well put together that picking a winner was difficult.

The event itself was filled with a myriad of photo opportunities as the pictures below attest.