Memorial Sloan Kettering Selects NeuroLogica Mobile CT for Brachytherapy Imaging

Prestigious Cancer Center Deploys NeuroLogica BodyTom in Radiation Oncology to Help Enhance Therapy Precision
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has selected the NeuroLogica BodyTom® Elite mobile computed tomography (CT) scanner for its brachytherapy program. Deployed in the radiation oncology department at the point of care, the advanced, 32-slice full-body scanner will help support more precise radiation delivery, enhanced departmental workflow and faster patient throughput in the busy treatment area. The hospital utilizes brachytherapy to treat a wide range of cancers. Sloan Kettering was named the number two hospital for cancer care in the U.S. for 2019/2020 by U.S. News & World Report.
Based on a series of detailed CT images, a brachytherapy plan provides a precise computerized roadmap for the internal placement of the encapsulated radioactive source on or near a patient’s tumor. BodyTom® Elite brings the power of advanced CT imaging to the setting where therapy is delivered, enhancing consistency in patient positioning between images and therapy delivery.

“Without a point-of-care scanner, typically patients are imaged in the conventional CT room, placed on a stretcher and transported to the brachytherapy suite for treatment,” says Jason Koshnitsky, Sr. Director Global Sales & Marketing for NeuroLogica. “This degree of movement may result in a discrepancy between applicator or catheter position during the CT planning stage and therapy delivery, compromising the accuracy of the treatment.”
This is particularly true for high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy, which relies on a series of catheters inserted into the patient to deliver the optimal levels of radiation to specific internal locations to create a highly targeted dose cloud. In-room imaging support helps to reduce uncertainty in dose cloud placement.
In addition, this point-of-care scanning enables more efficient departmental workflow, allowing for the treatment of more patients per day.
The NeuroLogica BodyTom® Elite is the first mobile, full-body 32-slice scanner. It supports a full range of imaging applications bringing CT to the point of care, whether clinic, hospital bedside or fully equipped mobile deployment on the road. The system features an 85cm gantry and a 60cm field-of-view, the largest in any mobile CT scanner. It delivers the superior quality 3D images of both bone and soft tissue required for brachytherapy planning, helping radiation oncologists ensure optimal tumor dosing while sparing nearby healthy tissue.

The battery-powered BodyTom® Elite with an innovative internal drive system can easily be transported from room to room when required, charges from a standard wall outlet, and has integrated radiation shielding.

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