Trust Me, John is a Very Popular Name in China

It’s a small world – but not everyone has small feet! Thanks goodness China’s creative footwear factories are blissfully aware of this fact because they are turning out some of the most captivating, creative and colorful footwear the Western sole has ever trod upon, and they are probably available near you. These days, China is virtually synonymous with fashion underfoot.

Tiny hands that a generation ago were busy threading circuitry through transistor radios are now turning their nimble-fingered talents downward where they are combining beads, sequins, silken threads and bows to create fashion masterpieces that would make even the gals from Sex and the City blush. These shoes can add a frivolous flourish to all things fashion, from a shimmering evening gown to a stodgy pants suit a la Ms. Clinton. And these masterpieces are being shipped across the globe to retailers of all price points–including the industrious and often illegal purveyors camped out on your local city side walks. After all, what better place to shop for shoes than in the setting where you need them most!

China may be known for many things – chop suey, rice, cheap electronics and fireworks. But now they are forging a new reputation from the ground up. . . and that’s good news for a small-minded gal like me with big feet!