Poseidon on the Beach

Poseidon on the Beach Located on Washington street between 11th and 12th Streets, Poseidon is one of the very few good Greek restaurants in the [...]

Chalan on the Beach

Located on Washington Road (a major road dotted with head shops and tattoo parlors). Chalan on the Beach is not in fact on the beach [...]


Located towards the eastern end of Lincoln Road mall, Nespresso is a very simply idea- offering premium coffee in a café setting while highlighting the [...]

Tap Tap

Located on 5th Street, Tap Tap may seem out of the way for most people as it is far from most hotels and most notably [...]

33 & Dine

Located on 33rd street in Ft. Lauderdale, 33 & Dine blends in with the subdued nature of the sleepy street filled with boutiques, jazz clubs [...]

Books and Books Cafe

Books and Books Cafe Located in the busy pedestrian mall that is Lincoln Road, Books and Books seeks to offer classic American dishes at a [...]

Flame Grill and Cafe

By Warren Roth-Jervey, staff writer Located on the busy Spanish themed Espanola Way (think of a Latin Little Italy with prices to match), Flame Cafe [...]

Season 52

Located in Coral Gables (a short drive from Miami Beach) on Miracle Mile, Seasons 52 stands out as one of the best restaurants in the [...]

Groovy Pizza

Groovy pizza has two locations on Lincoln Road, a major thoroughfare in the bustling streets of South Beach, Miami Beach. One of them is a [...]

Alama Mexicana

Located in a busy area of Washington Avenue, Alama may seem little different from the neighboring Mexican/Latin American restaurants that tend to populate South Beach. [...]

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