Subtle Medical Showcases AI Aimed at Supporting Faster, Safer PET Scans at RSNA 2019

At RSNA 2019, Subtle Medical, an innovative software company based on research from Stanford University, will showcase SubtlePETTM, its artificial intelligence (AI) powered technology that allows hospitals and imaging centers to deliver a faster and safer patient scanning experience, while enhancing exam throughput and provider profitability. SubtlePETTM is currently under Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510k review and in pilot use in multiple university hospitals and imaging centers in the U.S. and abroad.
SubtlePETTM leverages AI to allow hospitals and imaging centers to accelerate PET scan times four-fold or reduce PET radiation dose by up to 75%. The new technology is part of the company’s growing product portfolio. Additional products will be submitted for FDA clearance this year.

A second product pending FDA submission is SubtleMRITM, which allows imaging centers to significantly accelerate MRI scans. Subtle Medical’s focus on image acquisition and workflow differentiates it from most AI imaging companies, which are focusing on post-processing and computer-aided diagnosis.

“Subtle Medical’s unique application of AI will help make these sophisticated medical imaging exams that rely on limited-capacity hardware more efficient and therefore more accessible to patients,” comments Enhao Gong, Subtle Medical co-founder. “Shorter scan times also significantly enhance patient comfort and may make sedation-free imaging possible for patients who are unable to tolerate long periods of confinement in a scanner bore– such as children.” The ability to complete more exams in a day without the need for capital expenditures for added scanners, and attract more patients due to a better experience, helps hospitals and imaging centers enhance their bottom line in today’s competitive healthcare environment.

Subtle Medical technology utilizes deep learning algorithms that integrate seamlessly with any OEM PET and MRI scanners to enhance images during acquisition without any interruption or alteration in the imaging specialists’ workflow. The result is shorter scan duration or less exposure to radiation, which is particularly beneficial for children and those undergoing repeat PET exams.
In March 2018, Subtle Medical received the NVIDIA Inception Award Top Healthcare+AI Startup Globally from among over 3,000 AI contenders.  The company was also selected as the first AI+healthcare startup for Bessemer Venture Partner’s Deep Health Seed Program. Most recently, it was named as a 2018 Minnies Award semi-finalist for Best New Radiology Vendor by

Subtle Medical’s core technology was developed at Stanford University.  Subtle Medical has exclusively licensed multiple patented technologies invented by the founders at Stanford as well as medical imaging datasets acquired during clinical research at Stanford radiology labs. The company’s impressive list of scientific advisors and researchers are affiliated with Stanford University, Hoag Hospital, Mass General Hospital, University of Chicago, and MD Anderson Cancer Center.