Precipio Diagnostics Selects and Implements NovoPath™ APLIS for Its Complex Hematology-Oncology Testing

Precipio Diagnostics, a hematology-oncology lab, has selected NovoPath™ anatomic pathology laboratory information system (APLIS) for the management and communication of data to offsite pathologists. Pioneering an innovative laboratory business model, Precipio utilizes remote pathologists at renowned academic institutions to provide high-quality, specialized readings with fast turnaround time.

“We selected NovoPath because its sophisticated technology can handle extremely complex hematology-oncology exams,” says Ilan Danieli, CEO of the innovative cancer diagnostics lab. “Unlike most testing, our specialized exams involve data from a broad range of equipment and must be presented in exactly the appropriate way to both the pathologists interpreting the exams and the referring physicians reading reports. Very few LIS solutions are equipped to handle this level of complexity.”

Based on the experience with its initial LIS solution, Precipio specifically sought out a system that was easy-to-use, fast, affordable and customizable, in addition to one that was capable of handling its complex data demands. “Our busy pathologists, our customers, require a high level of data organization, and our prior system really fell short,” says Danieli.

Danieli notes that Precipio’s business model requires a unique workflow that the LIS must also accommodate. Patient samples are sent to Precipio’s lab, which handles the technical component (TC). There, samples are analyzed using all required equipment, and results flow into the NovoPath LIS. The academic pathologists log into the system remotely from their desktops, open a case, review the components and enter their diagnosis. Actual samples are sent to the pathologists by courier, if needed. Precipio’s lab then outputs the report.

“We compared many solutions on the market, and NovoPath was clearly the superior choice, meeting all our criteria,” Danieli notes. “Our pathologists are extremely pleased with the system and our reports are now well-formatted to meet our needs. The set-up and go live proceeded smoothly. NovoPath LIS has made a clear difference in our business.

“We are pleased to provide Precipio with the technology it needs to succeed with its unique business model,” comments Rick Callahan, NovoPath’s vice president of sales and marketing. “Precipio’s testing menu requires a range of innovative LIS capabilities to support both complexity and productivity. Its choice of NovoPath testifies to the sophistication and flexibility of our solution. We are proud to be a part of Precipio’s success story.”

About NovoPath
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